Northern Plains Visions of Sport Camp

Due to participation in our camp, many of our current and past camper-athletes have participated in their school sport programs.  For instance, Chris Crier wrestled for Augsburg College, Ben Goodrich, Matt and Jacob Kruger, and Josh Dreyer are on their school wrestling teams.  Tyler Stunkel, Kelby Carlson and Blake Adams swam on their swim teams, J.J. Vasquez, Lauren Skarloken, Revin McGee, Matt Kruger and Ben Goodrich were on their high school track and field or cross-country teams.  Tim Smitley and Nick Cocchiarella do judo at their neighborhood dojo.  Blake Adams represented the United States at the World Youth Swimming Championships for the Blind in Colorado Springs, CO, receiving three silver and two bronze medals.  He also competed in the Pan American Youth Championships in Colombia, South America.  Johann Shockency represented the United States in the World Youth Championships in judo, winning a gold medal, and more recently, competed in the Pan American Games for the Blind in judo, receiving a bronze medal.


The yearly budget for this camp is approximately $15,000 and consists of purchasing equipment, medical help, and providing room and board for campers and counselors (none of the staff aside from the nurses are paid). I am not asking you to fund the entire amount, but whatever you are willing to contribute would be appreciated. I am willing to come and speak with your organization and share more information about this worthwhile venture. I also hope you will share this proposal with others who might be interested in contributing. Please make checks payable to the Bemidji State University Foundation with NPVSC in the memo section


Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this proposal any help you can give us to reach our goal will be appreciated.






Dr. James V. Mastro

Professor of Professional and Physical Education

Bemidji State University, EA-336

1500 Birchmont Drive NE

Box #35

Bemidji, MN 56601